Oh yeah by Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is a famous Hollywood actor,
scriptwriter and film director who was bornin 1937.Additionally, a prize winner of 3 Oscars and
6 Golden Globe Awards.He featured in a number of movies, the most
popular of which include Batman, One Flewover the Cuckoo’s Nest, As Good As It Gets,
Chinatown and many others.A huge success in the moviemaking industry
made him the most well-known womanizer.However, being popular among women didn’t
make him really happy in personal life.

The worldwide known actor was married only
once to Sandra Knight who is mainly knownas a writer and painter as well as for her
roles in low budget movies.Their marriage that lasted 6 years was a great
period for both during which they produced2 children.Surprisingly enough but it was Sandra who
left Nicholson as she didn’t feel comfortablewith the idea that Jack was becoming more
and more popular and there appeared lots oftemptations.

After the divorce, the actor was devastated.Of course, he did love again, yet that love
never led to marriages.He met his second love, Anjelica Houstan at
a party and it was literally love at first sight.Their relationship lasted the whole 17 years
from 1973 till 1990 but didn’t stop Nicholsonto be a Casanova.During this period he even managed to have
a child with Rebecca Broussard.Before meeting the actor, Broussard was married
for a year.Soon after the divorce she met Nicholson with
who she lived 5 years.During this time, they have got 2 kids.

From the first and only marriage, Jack has
a daughter Jennifer Nicholson.As the actor stated, he still has some regret
concerning his first daughter.When she was born, he was at the very peak
of his career, trying to develop it to themaximum.Therefore, almost didn’t have time for the
upbringing of a child.She did make some steps in movie making sphere
but those weren’t successful so she keptgoing with what she is good at – fashion
designing and being a mom.Caleb James Goddard born in 1970 to Susan
Anspach can be Jack’s son yet it has neverbeen proved.Honey Duffy is a Nicholson’s daughter with
Winnie Hollman.

They had short lasting affair which resulted
in a daughter who is now an extremely popularcelebrity in Denmark.He has a son and daughter with the second
ex-partner, Rebecca Broussard.Lorraine Nicholson was delivered in 1990 and
her brother Raymond was born 2 years later.It is no surprise that Nicholson was trying
to involve his kids in acting and so, Larrainehas first performed at the age of 11, having
played Alana in Soul Surfer.

She hopes to become a really successful actress
and film director whose ideas and thoughtswould influence on millions of people.As for Ray, not only is he genius to acting
but he has also inherited his father’s womanizertalent.If there is someone who can be as talented
as Jack Nicholson or even excel him, thenit can be only his son Raymond.