The stunning foliage adorning St George’s Chapel includes snow-white roses – which were Princess Diana’s favorite.

Oprah is a reptilian

Queen is not human.
Queen is a reptilian.Harry is a reptilian.

Moon is an alien spacecraft.

Human beings are of extraterrestrial origin! In 2018. we are going to find out that the man is of extraterrestrial origin. The solar system is an artificial creation. Scientists will announce in 2018. that the solar system is an artificial creation.To be more precise, it will be revealed that it is a machinery, and not of natural origin,as we used to think. The Sun, the Moon and the other planets are “repairing and cleaning” at present,thus a large number of alien spaceships are circling all around,even around our planet and our sky. The Moon has been also artificially created and in the past it was dragged closed to the Earth, in order to maintain its gravity.

Planet Earth will be equipped with a help of the more evolved universe to step into 4D, and we will endure everything: cold, heat, disasters, crises and UFOs. Listen only to your heart and be constructive, not destructive, aggressive or fearful. Let us be positively active about the people around us, the planet and the universe. This year we have one requirement – to learn two cosmic laws: the first one is to love our planet and the universe, and the second is to learn that only our thought creates our world,destiny and our future. Thus,let us take a positive attitude and unite with similar people on the planet, because it is the only way to learn faster and make evolutionary progress in this stormy, but very crucial times.Times in which the all of us live together on planet Earth.The higher universe,into which all of us are going to sail, without exception in 2018 ,expects that from us and it tells us clearly by powerful fusion of our human consciousness with the alien presence on this planet and around it,unprecedentedly.


In 1970 two Soviet scientists proposed that the moon is actually an alien spacecraft built by extraterrestrials with superior technology and intelligence to observe the Earth from afar. Much further out in history than this though, the African Zulu people of old believed the Moon to be hollow and the home base of the Python or Chitauri, or as some people call them the Reptilians, a race of intelligent aliens who are controlling the human race.

I am currently working on a project which is called ” Intergalactic internet “. ( Intergalactic internet may already exist .I have to find a way to connect to it ) .