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Ohhhh, all ya’ll complaining about food allergies and shouting ya’ll will or are or have boycotted. Come on! Did ya’ll boycott Mrs. Doubtfire? And because the dip in the video is prepackaged and not homemade and you can’t make it yourself and and add and omit certain ingredients of your liking yourself? Because I saw a lot of things in the dip that people are allergic to, not just nuts, and could have suuuuch a baaad reaction to those food items as well! Oh no! Throw out ALL the food! WHAT will we eat!? Everyone is allergic to something, even fruits and vegetables and we can all come into contact with it, accidentally or not. I guess we’ll all just have to live off water, it’s sugar free, dye free, calorie free, etc…..but oh, wait….some people are allergic to water as well! It’s called Aquagenic Puritis.
And the producers DID apologize saying they should not have made fun of it, even in a cartoon slapstick way.
Also, many movies contain a death scene, including most Disney movies. But Disney made the original stories sunshine and butterflies. Go check out the original stories. They’re rife with doom, gloom, blood, gore, and death.
Beauty and the Beast? Belle didn’t marry the Beast, he threw her off the Tower.
The Little Mermaid? Hans based her off himself. Eric? The man he loved that didn’t want him. And wrote Ariel-originally BLONDE-flinging herself off a cliff onto jagged rocks to her death.
Cinderella? Drizella and Anastasia cut off parts of their feet to fit the glass slipper.
Sleeping Beauty? The Prince actually raped her. 9 months later, she gave birth to twins, and one sucked the poison from her finger and awoke her…..-and not long ago a Mother in the UK got Sleeping Beauty banned from being produced by her daughter’s high school theatre department, because Phillip kissing Aurora wasn’t “consensual”. If only she KNEW the original story! And it’s SAD people have forgotten them. And there are literally thousands of iterations of each fairy tale in every country. And I know someone who thinks Disney wrote the fairy tales first, when one iteration of Cinderella can be dated back to 510 AD in Egypt.
I could go on, buuuttttt…..
So, no one is perfect, so get off ya’ll’s high horse.
And for that matter, you know what? No matter how healthy we try to eat, even how much we exercise, and how much we try to stay away from foods, etc we’re allergic to….Guess. What? We. Are. All. Going. To. Die. Some. Day. Anyway. No one alive today is immune to death.