“My sister-in-law Cynthia Tisdale is now with the Lord.” A substitute teacher at Santa Fe High School in Texas is the first person to be identified in Friday’s deadly shooting that left 10 dead and 10 injured.

Unfortunately reading most of the comments there is always an answer but nothing is 100%. Our schools have to be manned like prisons. This is what our world has become. Sad to say parents aren’t listening or observing their children. We have passed the days when parents communicate with their kids. Phones,computers , alcohol and drug abuse all contribute. Kids sit right next to each other and text instead of speaking to each other. Our kids don’t play outside anymore and all complain that their stressed out or depressed. Really???? Most of them haven’t even gotten out yet to the working world. As intelligent as most are they have no common sense and use their smarts to hurt others as we are witnessing on a daily basis. Blame is on the parents who most can not watch or be home when the kids get home from school bcuz they have to work. Kids have too much free time unsupervised. Times have changed . Parents have limited control and threatened with child calling DYFIS. If they don’t get their way. A lot of pressure is put on teachers to fix it. Schools should be 8 to 4 They could let children do homework in school for last hr to make sure it gets done as well as someone there who can help them if they don’t understand or need help with it. They can’t expect all parents to know the work that’s expected of these children nor is it fair that a parent spending their time after working all day trying to get dinner ready and doing wAsh etc it should be spent having quality time over dinner and asking your child about his or her day and listening to what they have on their mind. All of this contributes to all that is happening now in our world.