JUST IN: Gaza’s health ministry said Monday 18 Palestinians are dead after a mass protest at the Gaza border amid the opening of the new U.S. Embassy to Israel in Jerusalem. Israel has said it will prevent a border breach at any cost.

Father G-d! Mighty One of Israel! Yeshua/Jesus, of Nazareth, I ask you, according to Your word, Spirit and promises, to encamp Your angels round about Israel, protect all those who live in Israel and are visiting, today and throughout this week. Draw many souls to Yourself and move mightily upon the hearts of those who call upon Your holy name. Set a hedge of protection round about Israel and temper the IDF with Your peace, calm and wisdom and set a strong wind to blow the smoke, from burning tires, in Gaza and W. Bank, by he Pals, Hamas and Fatah, into their faces. Protect them from themselves and their worst desires, murderous thoughts and actions, hateful, violent rage,death, destruction and mayhem, Lord Jesus. I bind every spirit of hate, bitterness, resentment, rage, murder, suicide, death, destruction, pride, corruption, anger, unforgiveness and pour out a Spirit of confusion and holy terror upon those who intend to commit harm, violence or death and let Your suoernatural peace come upon thise who are broken amd humble.
Please protect the Pal’s from their worst instincts.
Jesus! I ask YOU to help those who are choosing peace and staying in their homes or near their homes, today. Holy Spirit move mightily to all those who are enraged and full of hate, violence and prepared to do harm to others. Cause them, the Pals and enemies of Israel, to go in circles and blow themselves up, if they are so determined.
Supernaturally, intervene and allow the ceremonies and the American embassy move to come to pass with Your hand of favor upon it.
Bless this day, in spite of the loss of life.compel the Pal’s and the Arab world to be consumed with other problems.
Do it, Mighty One of Zion..for Your great name and for Your glory!
Thank You, Abba Father.