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Oh No!

A Tasty Cookbook!!! that arrive firstly 20 days late for christmas, even though I ordered if on the 1st of December and i was promised that I would receive it before.
That was only the first deception from TASTY!

Second was that I was charged 60 USD for shipping (the package which should arrive before christmas, remember).

Thirdly, I guess i missed this one because customs wanted to charge me 30 USD for picking up the book (remember the one that came 20 days LATE FOR CHRISTMAS!)

So this Oh Yes! A Tasty Cookbook! experience has cost me:
20 USD for the book (i think)
60 USD for shipping (which took over 1,5 month)
30 USD for customs (more than the book itself)
Another 20 USD for the alternative present I had to buy, when the book didn’t arrive before christmas.

The worst of it all is of course the customer service, or the lack of.

I contacted Tasty to complain, ( I was patient up until the book arrived) but when they wanted 30USD for customs for a book valued at 20 USD which I had paid 60 USD for shipping and handling for) as my patience then had run out.

The response I got back wasn’t a sorry we couldn’t get it to you before christmas Mr. Christensen or we apologise for the delay, is there something we can do for you!
Oh No!
Chrissy at tasty, gave me a reply along the line of “you should have read the small print, sorry no refund for you buddy!”

I strongly urge you not to deal with this company as firstly I now have no book (yes I know, I could have shelled out another 30 USD) and I’m 80 USD in the hole with a snotty reply from their (non existing) customer desk.

Disgraceful if you ask me, but hey, maybe I’m just sensitive!