“If you tackle a problem head-on you get called racist for doing so. We’ve got to bury this rubbish.” On “Fox & Friends,” Nigel Farage spoke starkly about Islamic terror in London and across the West. https://fxn.ws/2jRa5zE

How well is the lack of integration working in Ireland?

How many Muslim girls and women are actively involved in the GAA, soccer, rugby, swimming, hurley, badminton, camogie, athletics, mixed martial arts, community games, cycling, horse riding, shot put, long jump, rugby, hockey, basketball, soccer, the ‘Daily Mile?

When was the last time you saw a Muslim girl or woman out cycling their bike alone, walking their dog alone or even out walking by themselves on a bright summer’s night, alone?

I support of integration.
I don’t see, feel it or experience it. Many non nationals support the large supermarkets, charity shops and libraries. They don’t and won’t integrate or support our local businesses, communities, events or local economy, sadly and realistically, they have no desire to do so.

It is saddening and frustrating that Muslim women living here in Europe do not understand, care, appreciate or comprehend how women before them, in the western world have suffered, sacrificed, died and fought for recognition, freedom and independence and continue to so.

In Ireland, we are proud and grateful to have had not one but two great women presidents.

What could a potential Muslim woman president of Ireland in the future have to offer or achieve if she is obliged by obligation to adhere and obey sharia law, part of a worldwide platform?

A worldwide platform, known for its regressive and archaic belief system, and way of life that threatens the human rights and choices of women, girls, homosexuals and western society.