“If I can change one person’s mind about what torture is and what I would do to protect American freedom, I will do this for years.”

Frankly, America needs to force an international amendment to the Geneva Conventions where reciprocal interrogation methods can be used, terrorists aren’t going to give us information willingly because they know we can’t fillet them, behead them, or zap their nuts. We could have ended many conflicts with equal or lesser reciprocal interrogation methods. When a terrorist a terrorist is captured, maybe we don’t torture them immediately, maybe we should bring in a non-decomposing terrorist corpse with bags over both the dead and living terrorist’s heads allowing an interpreter to voice the corpse’s resistance and when things get to long, an interrogator threatens to start cutting or shooting or electricuting them, then torturing the terrorist’s corpse and finally blowing the corpse’s head off while using packets of drawn blood to create a facsimile of a headshot and the subsequent mess, pull both bags off and when the living terrorist sees it, they’ll talk faster than a kid with ADHD on speed and other stimulants. It’s not torture if the person is already dead, at most it’s desecration of a dead body and when Islam requires burial with x hours of death without autopsy and because they treat infidel bodies worse, maybe it’s time to set aside morals on certain issues if the method saves at least one life. If skinning a hundred terrorists alive will save one American life anywhere on Earth, then go for it, use the terrorist’s equipment and not equipment issued to American personnel. Psychological warfare isn’t torture, and when the enemy has no compunction to do something to our personnel or allied citizens, then it should be okay, it’s one thing if you plan to treat them like POWs, enemy combatants with no uniform aren’t POWs, they’re spies, saboteur, and straight out hostile paramilitaries who aren’t entitled to protection under the Geneva Conventions, international law allowed spies and saboteurs to be summarily executed by the on scene commander at the earliest possible opportunity, and terrorists aren’t anything because they lack uniforms and lack appropriate identifiers in their possession.