EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt testifies at a Senate Appropriations Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Subcommittee hearing “to Review the FY19 Budget Request for the EPA.

Amazing what fox news watchers will put up with from this administration. They are removing all climate safeguards along with allowing very dangerous chemicals back into our waterways and you guys applaud them. I don’t get it. Are you that much pro-trump that you are willing to destroy the planet and poison your children & grandchildren. Here’s a recent one for you: EPA and White House blocked release of pollution study that would be a ‘public relations nightmare’ Scott Pruitt’s EPA and Trump’s White House teamed up in an attempt to block a report on water contamination after one White House staffer warned that the report would be a “public relations nightmare.”
The report comes from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, which is actually a part of HHS. But the contents of that report have been blocked from publication, along with any action to address the problems it records, because of concerns raised by Pruitt and Trump staffers.
The chemicals involved are known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFOA and PFOS). They’re often produced in making stain-repellent and anti-stick materials. They’re also involved in making a fire-fighting foam used by the military, leading to increased amounts near military bases. The EPA already has a drinking water advisory in place that sets the safe level for these chemicals at a truly tiny 70 parts per trillion, but the new study indicates that these classes of chemicals are even more dangerous than previously thought, and safe levels may be six times lower than the current standards.Which means that both the Defense Department and some big companies like 3M, which uses these chemicals in making Scotchguard, are facing some enormous clean-up costs. It also means that the safety of water systems in many areas of the country need to be reevaluated. Or … it would mean that, if the report were released. But three months after the report was submitted, Pruitt and the White House continue to sit on it. Are you really just so anti-democrat that you will allow these people to do these things without questioning them at all. It’s mind-boggling. You know you can support a president but still dislike things that he does and be honest and open about that. It’s like you are lemmings running toward the cliff I just don’t get it.