Director Spike Lee criticized Trump’s response to a white nationalist rally Charlottesville, Va. last summer, and reportedly referred to the president as a “mother—–.”

Isn’t it curious that before he ran for office no one ever even suggested that Trump was racist, in fact it was just the opposite. Both Jessie Jackson and Sharpton gave him thanks and public accolades for his quiet good work for minorities in the inner cities. He received an award along with Rosa Parks and Mohammed Ali for work on behalf of minorities. Alvita King, MLK Jr’s niece, supports him and publically says he does not have a racist bone in his body. Recently he quietly signed an EO making MLK Jr’s birthplace a national museum. Senator Rand Paul publically stated that he personally knows that Trump is not even remotely racist, and in fact cares deeply for the poor countries in South America. Senator Paul related Trumps financial underwriting of 2 medical missions that Paul and his associates took part in. These were in countries in South America wherein Paul and his associates conducted hundreds of operations restoring eye sight to the poor. These 2 missions took place long before Trump decided to run for office. In his first year in office Trump has brought the unemployment rate for blacks in America to its lowest rate in history. He has done the same for the Hispanic unemployment rate. Trump has more women in places of significant authority in his administration than any other administration in history. He was the first builder to appoint a woman as the General Manager for the construction of a sky scraper, The Trump Tower. His campaign was the first successful presidential one managed by a woman, yet the media still gives her no credit for her incredible accomplishment. To think that Trump is even remotely racist/sexist has no bearing in truth. To suggest otherwise is simple dishonesty. Take a lesson Spike.