After the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, Hillary Clinton argued that we must begin legislating to deal with the “national shame” of gun violence.

There are 23,000 gun control laws ALREADY on the books. What makes you think criminals will suddenly obey law number 23,001? By the way, it is ALREADY illegal for a 17-year-old to own a gun. He STOLE THEM since he can’t legally buy them…genius.😒🤦‍♀️

There is no need to infringe on the RIGHTS of law-abiding citizens because law enforcment(local/state/federal) FAILED to do their jobs.😐 If we really want to bring about change we need to hold those responsible…responsible. We need to DEMAND that they do their jobs.#enforceexistinggunlaws #banidiotsnotguns

Common sense gun laws.

1) Ban all gun free zones. They are nothing more than target rich environments.

2) Allow any and all school staff that are trained and licensed to carry if they so choose.

3) Make it publicly known that if a punk wishes to shoot up a school they will face an armed resistance.

4) Bring back Eddie Eagle into the schools to teach gun safety.

5) Get rid of the “Zero Tolerance” anti-bullying policy”. Kids are afraid to defend themselves for fear of being punished. Defending oneself is never wrong. They will just take the bullying until they can’t handle it anymore and either commit suicide or shoot up the school.

6) Quit demonizing a firearm (rifle) that is used in less than 1% of all violent gun crimes.

7) Have a security expert run a risk analysis on every school.

8)A minimum of 1 SRO per school with an additional 1 for every 1000 students. Example for a school with only 700 kids there would be 1 officer and a school with 1000 kids there would be 2.

9) Hire armed retired police/military for each school. They would know students, know the school layout, give them a dedicated phone to help direct arriving law enforcement and most important, they would be there when the first shot was fired.

I suggest we apply the same laws that we use for the Second Amendment to the First Amendment…

You have a Constitutional right to…….
Freedom of Speech.
But, before can exercise that right you must:
1) Submit to a background check.
2) Be photographed & fingerprinted.
3) Take government approved training.
4) Be licensed and registered.
5) Submit to a psychological evaluation.
6) Wait 3-7 days before exercising this right.

When you permit the government to limit one Constitutional Right how long before they limit others?😐