A Texas doctor is accused of administering chemotherapy and other toxic medications to patients who did not need it in order to fund his lavish lifestyle, which included a million-dollar private jet and Maserati, both emblazoned with his initials.

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that Dr. Jorge Zamora-Quezada will remain in custody pending his upcoming court hearings.

Zamora-Quezada was indicted on federal charges of international money laundering and taking part in a multimillion-dollar health care fraud scheme. Court documents allege Zamora- Quezada purposefully misdiagnosed his patients and administered excessive medications to increase his revenues.

Three witnesses took the stand at Tuesday’s detention hearing. One witness is a current and long- time employee of Zamora-Quezada; another is a former administrator who worked at one of the doctor’s practice during a time when the alleged misdiagnosis and mistreatment of patients took place. Both testified that they never heard of any allegations of misconduct by Zamora-Quezada and that they believe the doctor would not flee if released on bond.

The third witness to take the stand is a McAllen Urologist who says that, for around 20 years, she referred some of her patients to Zamora-Quezada.

“Dr. Zamora is a good doctor and he is being investigated,” said Dr. Marelyn Medina after the detention hearing. “He is innocent until proven guilty.”

Medina denies ever getting compensation for the patient referrals she sent to Zamora-Quezada.

Meanwhile, prosecutors argued that Zamora-Quezada posed a flight risk due to the numerous ties and properties he has in Mexico.

The judge made a finding that the allegations in this case are too great and the potential penalties too severe to release Zamora-Quezada. He also found that the doctor has extensive ties to Mexico, including a multi-million-dollar penthouse in Puerto Vallarta, and that it would be easy for him to flee and open a medical practice abroad.

A pre-trial hearing in this case is scheduled in late May.