A new report is questioning whether a “culture of leniency” at Broward County schools in Florida allowed Parkland school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz to slip through the cracks.

And there it is. The true smoking gun. The problem with our culture, our society. a “Culture of Leniency”. It prevents a culture of accountability. This is the very heart of the problem with our society today. Nobody loses, everybody wins, you get a trophy for showing up. Everybody is all sunshine and rainbows, until middle-school hits. Then cliques form, and children turn into adolescents.

Suddenly sunshine and rainbows give way to reality. Nothing is all inclusive. People are not kind. You will not always be accepted. You will not always be liked. You will *gasp* LOSE! You can and at times will fail. No matter how much the culture of leniency wants to shelter and protect children from the harsh realities of life, protecting them from them is doing more harm to them than good. It is a disservice to them and to society.

We did not have the issues with rampant gender confusion, school shootings, and the myriad other issues that plague our society before the cultural shift (at least that I noticed) in the early-mid 90’s. In the mid-90’s, there seemed an overly theorized hyper-educated paradigm shift in society that seemed to indicate that children were damaged by “feelings of exclusion” and “loss” during competition and would feel “discouraged when “compared” against others. Since then, that has evolved to become Time-Out Cards and Safe Rooms, in -BOOT CAMP- in the Military!

Now I am only a few decades removed from that particular generation. I was born in 1965, and I don’t know about any of you, but when I lost and felt discouraged when compared against someone because of it, it just drove me to work harder to become better. It was called being motivated by competition. It is a natural part of being a human being. They have, in my opinion, crippled an entire generation of their ability to properly function in a competitive society without serious adjustment issues.